2011 CRPNE Course Schedule


CRPNE 2011

CRPNE Review Complete Program (50 hours Full class + Online)              
Cost - $950 Canadian Dollar
Session Duration: November 20 to Jan 09,2011
Exam Schedule: February 03, 2011
On Class: Eglinton Business Centre
On Line: http://chrc-canada.com

CHRC gives you strategies and tools vital to your success on the exam.
  • 50 hours of class time review exam-style questions while strengthening your critical thinking skills, test-Taking Workshop, Strategy Seminar, streamed review of class questions and frequently-tested nursing content
  • CRPNE Simulated Test an online database containing over 3,000 exam-style questions. The simulated CRPNE test, consisting of many items, is designed to identify each student's areas of strength and weakness in terms of the current CRPNE Test Plan to help you determine if you're ready to take the CRPNE exam and identifies any areas that need continued study. The challenging questions focus on the most important material that candidates must master in order to pass CRPNE.


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Here is how it works.

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